Being one of favourite islamic kindegartens and playgroups in Indonesia

Mission :

Ensuring the children aspire to be moslems Entrepreneur by following/as the Prophet Muhammad.


* The only TK-based Tauhid and Entrepreneur.
* Routining Dhuha prayer and alms.
* Friendly condition for children (small classes and eliminate the threat).

Balancing the life based on the Prophet Muhammad.

In general, it still refers to the curriculum established by Dinas Pendidikan.

Because it is built in a home and designed into a five-centers, it becomes a second home for children, eliminates the impression of a class, removes the impression of a monologue, and reduces children’s saturation.

It is aligned to the values ​​of Islam. It is proved by its daily activities done in here. For example, greeting, clapping, songs, stories, prayers, wudhu,, Dhuha prayer, learning environment, etc. As a consequence, children feel the pride of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

It’s enriched by some materials that can balance right and left brain of children. So, it’s not only the left brain but also right brain.

Beside that, it’s enriched by a special curriculum. That is Entrepreneur Kids. In this curriculum, children are supposed to have a willingness to be an entrepreneur as they kid. It is done in their daily activities such as greeting, clapping, singing, story, prayers, praying Dhuha, simulation, outing, learning environment etc. All of these activities are delivered as communicative as possible for them. Therefore, these can build their characters as a Khalifah or a leader because of becoming an entrepreneur is equal with becoming a leader.

However, Entrepreneur Kids curriculum can’t be done maximally for children in Playgroup because of their understanding is limited. But it still can be done for them by doing  Dhuha prayer, greeting, clapping, song, outing, and learning environment.

As an illustration, Barack Obama is managed to be a president, Tantowi Yahya is managed to be an aritist and Purdi Chandra is managed to be a entrepreneur. They have dreamed it since they were children. As a result, it entered their subconscious thought. This is one of the reasons why Khalifah arranges Entrepreneur Kids curriculum.

Other Advantages :
We make your children in a good and comfort environment to learn because we minimize threat and prohibition, so that creativity and curiosity of children are maintained. Besides, they come and go cheerfully without any saturation. All of the system done in Khalifah will not limit their creativity at all. (Khalifah reduce wearing uniform for their students because the research proves that the uniform can limit children’s creativity).

We use ‘small class’ where each class is only a dozen of children, so that everyone gets a very intense attention. Parents can get report of their child development periodically. All of the song lyrics we used are very authentic (the one and only in Indonesia), islamic, and easy to remember. Preparation to the primary school entrance is specially designed for students in TK B.

To  minimize the confusion, standardized teaching methods have been designed into system (SOP). Every parents are hardly recommended to read a book entitled Muhammad sebagai Pedagang written by Khalifah Team. It has been published and distributed in all of part in Indonesia. There is a selection in entrancing the school for parents and children after registration.

Who develop the curriculum?
Khalifah was intiated by a Moslem Entrepreneur who is an author, a national trainer, a staff in a university and a recipient of MURI Award.

How is the teacher’s qualifications?

Teacher graduated from education program who experienced in teaching.

In afternoon and evening, the teachers in Khalifah are required to enhance their knowledge and skills through training, counseling and reading books. All of their requirements are under the supervision of the Foundation or the principal.

In every learning instruction that has been standardized are directly monitored by the principle or the foundation every day. It’s done to ensure the curriculum and learning process are applied optimally by spot-check and tapping.
Teachers do not receive gifts from parents in any forms..


How does the facility?

High quality of playing and learning facilities formed from savety material are save in use.

Comfort and savety during learning and teaching process are fully responsibility of the teachers, except outing activity. It should be underlined in doing the outing, parents are supposed to be responsible and the teachers have a duty to accompany them.

During the learning and teaching process, parents wait their children in the waiting area  not in the classroom. Besides, parents are supposed to minimize the interaction to their children by directing the children to interact to the teachers only, so that they can socialize with other and also understand the materials.

What is Parenting School for?

This activity is one of the differences between Khalifah and others. It is delivered hosted by some national trainers regularly. It forms a semi-seminar.

By following this activities, parents are supposed to improve their knowledge how to do parenting for their children and understand the curriculum. Besides, it can bound relation between parents, the principle, the foundation and also teachers.

What is parenting consulting for ?

Parenting consulting’s function is to give parents a personal consultation from a psychologist about their children development regularly.

What is Outing for?

Unlike other schools, Khalifah do outing focuses on entrepreneur aspect and relates with thiss such as going to the bank, food stores, bookstores, toy stores, restaurants, boutiquet, salons, newspaper, etc. By doing this outing, they are supposed to have a vivid illustration how to be an entrepreneur. For example, most of Chinese are success people because they have been familiar with entrepreneur since they were children.

Others unique program

Parents are involved in learning and teaching process perodically, for example, Mother day.

How to give any complaints?

However, we have many others branches in some parts in Indonesia, Khalifah fully understands that we have to improve our system to produce many golden generations. Therefore, parents are supposed to give suggestion and advice for us by sending message or calling us any time.



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